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GSC Girl Scout Cookies

GSC Girl Scout Cookies

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Strain type: Hybrid

Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene

Parent strains:OG Kush, Durban Poison

Activities: Chilling on the couch, hanging with friends, spacing out

Backstory:GSC is a cross of a Durban Poison pheno (F1 Durb) and an elite OG Kush. Later marketed to acclaim by rapper Berner, GSC, or Cookies, became the foundation of one of the top cannabis cultivar families of the legalization era, spawning multiple strains like Gelato and pretty much anything with “Cookies” in its name.

The best GSCs look dense, dark, and glistening, with a complex and inviting smell, layers of grape and fuel, and scrumptious butter-sugar cookie notes.

Why we love it: GSC took the throne from OG Kush to usher in the dessert strain era, which continues today with Gelato and Cake varieties. Few strains will ever be as singularly influential.
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