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GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies

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Strain type: Hybrid

Dominant terpene: Limonene

Parent strains:Chemdog, GSC

Activities: Chilling on the couch, spacing out

Backstory: A pungent offspring of Chemdog and GSC, GMO Cookies is savory, stanky, and strong, and dumps hash for rosin. “GMO” may bother some, so you’ll also see it as “Garlic Cookies.”

Why we love it: GMO’s mix of chem and cookies unlocked a whole new world of funk we’re all nodding our heads to. When you get bored with dessert, join the salty adults puffing on pot’s equivalent of rowdy blue cheese. Keep an eye out for other acquired tastes, like Everything Bagel (Garlic Breath x Peanut Butter Breath).
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